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Take a peak into the minds of entrepreneurs and their champions in this live video series from Futrsmpl, hosted by Lucinda Bray. Guests include Bruce Walker Founder of FutureX, Sara Robertson Founder of ScotBeer Tours and Gordon Merrylees - Head of Entrepreneurship at NatWest.

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#FutrsmplFridayLive Ep18 | In Conversation with Rachael Bews Founder of Alicas

Lucinda Bray

Did you know:

  • a third of women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime?

  • that women fleeing abusive relationships often leave with nothing but the clothes on their backs, relying on, often unwashed, ill-fitting, clothing donations?

  • almost half of new clothing in the UK is destroyed each year?

This week we caught up with Rachael Bews from Alicas, a social venture providing clothing parcels to women fleeing abusive relationships.

#FutrsmplFridayLive Ep16 | In Conversation with Alison Wood, Founder of Lilypads

Lucinda Bray


We caught up with the amazing Alison Wood of Lilypads on this weeks #FutrsmplFridayLive, hearing the amazing story behind the reasons for their reusable sanitary pads both in the UK and in Kenya.

We also touch upon the investment environment for women, experiential marketing, mindful moments and of course plenty on periods and plastic.

#FutrsmplFridayLive Ep12 | In Conversation with Gordon Merrylees

adam crawford

This week we were joined by Gordon Merrylees, the Head of Entrepreneurship at RBS.

Discussing everything from our new proposition to entrepreneurship with the RBS Accelerator to marketing tactics, the Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll, Elvis Conspiracies and Google’s Home Alone Christmas Advert.

Small note: This episode was filmed live earlier this week, no content has been edited.

#FutrsmplFridayLive Ep10 | This Year's Learnings & What to Expect in 2019

Lucinda Bray

In this week’s #FutrsmplFridayLive - with a slight change to normal proceedings - we reflect on 2018 in business and in the world of marketing, from Futrsmpl doubling in size and celebrating our first birthday to GDPR and gender biased advertising. We also discuss what sort of marketing trends we may see in 2019.

#FutrsmplFridayLive Ep08 | In Conversation with Rachel Hanretty, Founder of Mademoiselle Macaron

Lucinda Bray

This week we are joined by the lovely Mademoiselle Macaron herself: Rachel Hanretty. Discussing how well (or not well) we are looking after ourselves while running our businesses, the joys of ROI, and what it’s like to have a piece of brain missing.

#FutrsmplFridayLive Ep02

Lucinda Bray

Welcome to the 2nd episode of FutrsmplFridayLive… featuring a fish with anti-freeze blood, jargon term fail of the week and the lovely surroundings of the Digital Boost offices.

Make sure you join us next week for our first guest, Mick Murray from Adopt an Intern. We’ll be live on our youtube channel from 2pm Friday.

(Next week I will have some prompt cards of key things I need to say at the beginning and end so there are less awkward pauses!)

#FutrsmplFridayLive Ep01

Lucinda Bray

New from Futrsmpl... Each week we will be sitting down to answer a few questions about our week, from interesting facts discovered during our many research quests to how we have been looking after ourselves, including our mental health.

Every other week or so we will be joined by a special guest from the very vibrant Scottish Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.

We already have a couple of great guests lined up for the couple months: Nick Murray, from Adopt an Intern, and globally renowned relaxation specialist Andrew Johnson.

Disclaimer 1: This one was technically pre-recorded as youtube want us to wait for 24hrs before we are allowed to film a youtube live! We haven't changed anything though...

Disclaimer 2: I started editing the subtitles… but there’s too many of them, so if you’re really bored you can play spot the incorrect word…