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STARTING OUT | Team focus

Lucinda Bray


After the recruitment drive last month, our new start Adam has now completed his first week in the position of Assistant Marketing Consultant here at Futrsmpl. Following a busy first week we sat down with him to ask a few questions:


How has your first week been at Futrsmpl?

It has been brilliant. There’s definitely a supportiveness within the team combined with a real desire to achieve exceptional results for clients, which I love. There’s also a great focus on simplicity and educating people as to the power of marketing. I believe both are extremely important with the current noise in the industry.


Why should marketing be valued?

Because it is everything to a business! There’s a general misunderstanding that marketing is just advertising and that it should be added on the end of a business process as promotion. In actual fact marketing should be included at the beginning, middle and end of all processes to achieve optimal, customer-centric results.


Describe Futrsmpl

Simply, it’s an organisation that champions simplicity in strategy, as well as educating others on marketing and what it actually concerns. Futrsmpl is also a company that lives by its values: simple, imaginative, transparent and supportive.


What are you most looking forward to?

With Futrsmpl growing and starting to work on some exciting new projects, the next few months are set to be really interesting! I’m most looking forward to just getting involved in all of the different developments, working on new projects and working with a great list of clients too.

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